Billionaire Warren Buffett puts Trump challenged to publish their tax situation


US billionaire Warren Buffett has challenged Monday, August 1 the wealthy businessman Donald Trump, Republican candidate for the presidential election, to make public its tax position it has refused to do so far.

The real estate mogul justified its refusal by the fact that he was under control of the US tax authorities (IRS). A lame excuse, considered Mr. Buffett, one of the richest men on the planet.

“I have news for him, I’m being controlled too, Mr. Buffett said during a meeting with Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton in Omaha, Nebraska. There was fear that if we have something to fear.

“He’s not afraid of the tax service. He is afraid of you, “said he told the crowd, offering the Republican candidate to see” anywhere, anytime “before the election on 8 November to discuss in public their tax returns.

Mr. Buffett also sharply criticized Mr. Trump about the controversy it has caused since Thursday by attacking Muslim parents of a US soldier died in combat in Iraq in 2004.

“I ask Donald Trump:” You have no sense of decency, sir? ‘ “He noted. “Donald Trump and I have sacrificed nothing,” said Mr. Buffett, referring to the Republican insistence that he made “many sacrifices”:

“How the hell can you deal with parents who have lost a son and talk about making sacrifices because you build some buildings?

This media support comes as the Democratic presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton, took advantage of the traditional post-convention surge nomination in opinion. It now has a comfortable margin from July to September points ahead of his rival Donald Trump, according to two polls published Monday.

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