Feminist profession of faith of Barack Obama


The staging of solitary statesman and thought feminist engagement, Obama never misses an opportunity to refine the presidential storytelling.

It is in the women’s press that he decided to publish, Thursday, August 4, a forum in which he speaks of gender equality, work-sharing and education of his daughters in a world of stereotypes kind are still numerous.
“This is what a feminist looks like”

The title of the forum, “This is what a feminist looks like” overcomes a photo of him dating from 1980, well before his marriage and the birth of his two daughters, Malia and Sasha. Yet it is the family life that sparked the American president to feminism, who said he lived “surrounded by women,” his mother, his grandmother, and his wife and daughters.

This profession of faith joined a little interview with François Hollande published in it a few days before the International Day of Women’s Rights on March 8. The President of the United States evokes for the sharing of tasks between him and his wife.

“Looking back, I realize that while I was helping at home, it was usually in my own time and my own desires. The charge amounted to Michelle, unfairly and disproportionately.

Hollande had roughly the same faith in it, about his ex-girlfriend and mother of his four children, Segolene Royal:

“For my part, I have tried as much as possible, to be present. […] But if you asked Ségolène Royal, I imagine she would entrust you that I have no doubt not enough … And it’s true: I really regret not having done more. […] The division of labor is the condition of family happiness.

Learning of feminism, for Barack Obama, comes mainly from the education of his children.

“Being the father of two girls, taking even more aware of how gender stereotypes pervade our society. You see the signals, subtle and not so subtle, that our culture sends us. You feel the enormous pressure which requires girls appearance, behavior and even a way of thinking defined.

Helping children to rise above these constraints is “constant learning,” he says.

“Michelle and I taught our girls to defend themselves when they feel they were judged unfairly because of their gender or skin color.

A feminist fashion statement reminding again that of another politician Justin Trudeau, Canadian Prime Minister, who took advantage of the last Davos forum to discuss education feminism of her two young boys.
“Fighting sexism is also the responsibility of men”


Obama family in June 2016, in New Mexico.
Obama family in June 2016, in New Mexico.


Barack Obama gives a generally positive assessment of the situation of women today, who “have never been so many to be financially independent,” at a time when he says see “everywhere people push the kind of presuppositions of another age. “

A point of view somewhat questionable while the US just been rocked by yet another scandal rape a student on campus, which has reacted to Vice President Joe Biden.

Projecting after the end of his term, he believes that the change “most difficult” will continue to “changing ourselves”, fighting stereotypes, ones that are rooted in education.

“We must end boundary. We must continue to change the way we teach our daughters to be wise and to our boys to be confident, how we criticize our girls when they say our boys and when they shed a tear. We must continue to change our way of punishing women for their sexuality and reward men for their own.

The company needs to change, to stop praising “a man changing a layer” stigmatize “at-home dads” and “working mothers”. “Fighting sexism is also the responsibility of men,” he added, obviously without losing the opportunity to recall that American voters are preparing for a “historic moment”, since a woman (his camp) will present to the presidential election.

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